My name is Radek, I´m 31 years old and I love sailing. 

I´m also an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore skipper.

I was born in Poland and have been sailing since my childhood. I´m an adventurer and for few years have been living from boat repairs. With numerous sailing experiences and armed with a vast variety of boatbuilding skills, nowadays I sail boats professionally as a skipper

This website might not look like most of the ‘yachtie’ pages and I know about it… I wanted it to be real and to show you a bit of who I am – not how I should be to ‘get a job’ in the industry. I love adventure and to experience it gives a meaning to my life. It also must be one of the reasons why I’m sailing at all and what makes me a good and seaworthy sailor. As a person I don’t like to play social roles, and I like to keep things clear and honest, communicating with people on the basis that we are all human beings that should respect each other. To be happy in life I need to be in harmony with myself and only being a good person to the others allows me to keep this balance by avoiding an inner conflict.

This is an online resume of my sailing experiences in a form of logbook. I will try to keep it up to date with some comments, references and photos if available so you can have some broader idea about me.

I currently live a flexible lifestyle. I´m always open for sailing opportunities as a professional delivery skipper for long and short distance sailing. My background in boat repairs, attention to details, diversity of experiences, DIY skills and creativity have many times proven useful out there, on the open sea.

I’m happy to take part in regattas. I’m patient and easy-going, full of energy and smile to share, eager to teach sailing to anyone who is eager to learn.

I fluently speak three languages: English, Spanish and obviously Polish.

Looking forward to meet you on board,
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore