Delivery – Canary Islands to Barcelona: ‘El Stan’ Seaquest Prima 38

1730 NM – First Mate
38 ft Offshore Regatta Yacht
Las Galletas 
(Tenerife, Canaries)  Garraf, Barcelona (Mainland Spain)

Club Yachting – sailing school I have been working for as a boatbuilder as well the one I have made my Yachtmaster with has offered me to crew on this delivery right after my examination. El Stan is one of their training boats, being a regatta boat t the same time. Very fast and sharp on upwind courses and also very responsive boat. Was a lot of fun to do this trip as the crew was all friends that I knew from the school – instructors and fast track students.

A lot of fun and a lot of sun, a lot of rain and beating against the wind and waves too, what on this boat meant a lot of wet clothes. One time I woke up, still dreaming, thinking that my feet might be in a bucket of water. It only turned up to be water dripping onto my sleeping bag.

Few stopovers to refuel, buy food or dry out. We got to Porto Santo next to Portuguese Madeira, Barbate as a wait over for the wind to ease off and synchronized before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. Beautiful encounters with dozens of whales, two tunas cought and little issue with rudder as well as electrics responsible for the engine startup. Great adventure!