Delivery – England to Canary Islands: ‘Tombi’ Hanse 385

1911 NM – First Mate
36 ft Sailing Yacht

Hamble Point (UK) – Las Galletas (Tenerife, Canaries)

The trip was arranged by very satisfied with my earlier service cptn. Chris Burnt from the Atlantic Yacht Deliveries. This time one of his aprrentices, Matt Taylor, was the skipper. We also had the owner of this lovely, brand new at the time, boat on board who was getting his experience and getting used to the boat with us. Second crew did not get along too well and has left the boat on a stopover in Portugal.

The trip was wonderful. We cought a nice Bonito that made it for two dinners, had a bit of all weather possible including buckets of water from the sky and 10m visibility in a very thick fog on approach to Portugese coast full of fishing boats and buoys. Very exciting experiences and great time with the crew!