Cruising – Canary Islands: ‘Flying Boat’ Trapper 501

150 NM –  Crew
28 ft Sailing Yacht

Valle Gran Rey (La Gomera, Canary Islands) – Las Galletas (Tenerife) – Las Palmas, Anguineguin, Pasito Blanco (Gran Canaria)

Very spontanious adventure that got me very motivated to get my sailing certifications finally sorted. It was a hicth hike from a bar near the port in Valle Gran Rey. Took me for a ride around the Canary Islands with two very intresting characters. The owner – 69 years old at the time Hector Krome, who´s hired me as his captain on the same boat later on, and 62 years old Captain John Tancred – very experienced ‘old school’ sailor and delivery skipper.

It was a pleasure to sail together. Great time, and good boat handling practice. Anchoring, adventures and a lot of laughter! Looking forward to meet these two friends of mine again!