Delivery – France to Greece: ‘Breeze´Bavaria 40

2332 NM – First Mate
40 ft Sailing Yacht

La Rochelle (Bay of Bicay, France)  Corfu (Greece)

My first long-distance trip with cptn. Chris Burnt from Atlantic Yacht Deliveries, crewing as the First Mate.

We have sailed the boat 2332 miles from La Rochelle on the  Bay of Bicay, all the way to Corfu in Greece, throught the Messina Strait which separates Sicily from mainland Italy. Stopping by for a quick refuel and restock in several ports: Cascais, Almerimar, Trapani and fianlly Gouvia in Corfu.

The journey took about 19 days at sea of which the second half, 9 days, ´shorthanded´ as the second crew decided to leave the boat in Almerimar (South of Spain). In fact we have not missed a hand to run the boat with two people on board so we simply carried on enjoying even more as thie watch pattern significantly tightened up adding a little more challange to our everyday routine.

Wonderful time with Chris, who makes sailing a piece of cake with his experience and good attitude, a lot of dolphins all the way down there and variety of weather conditions ranging from Force 7 on the Biscay and Portgeese coast down to couple oily calm days on the Meds.