Delivery Skipper – Tenerife to Mallorca

Bavaria 49 / Monohull / 14.75 m
Tenerife – Madeira – Mallorca, 1500 nm, April 2017

We have recorded 40 kn of wind during this trip, wind called Levante – strong easterly blowing along all western part of Mediterranean to squeeze through the Straits of Gibraltar, making it impossible to pass. On another occasion it happened to me to wait few days for the wind to calm down untill the passage is possible. Often before the westerly Poniente arrives a day of calm and good weather follows just to start blowing from the other direction.
One of the 40ties that entertained us on the trip as far as over 100 nm west from the mouth of the Straits, another time it blew impressively on the Meds. The waves there are noticabely smaller but more violent than on the Atlantic. Still safely sailable, depending on the size of your boat, reef and technical condition, but out of two I somehow prefer the sunny and crispy Atlantic version..

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