Delivery 1st Mate – Adrian Hoteles – Sydney 43 – Malta – Barcelona

700 NM. Adrian Hoteles is a boat sailed by Macaronersia crew from Canary Islands. The yacht took part in ROLEX Middle Sea Race and was to be delivered to Premia De Mar near Barcelona in the stormy times of November 2019. After the regatta it appeared that other crew took out mainsail and left towards Sicily. We managed to arrange a passover in Trapani and continue stopping over Sardinia and Menorca to catch the weather window. Being in a very good crew of three experienced sailors we made it fast and safe to the destination.

Sydney 43 is a performance sailing yacht dedicated to fit into IRC racing formulas. It’s beamy hull is thought to surf the waves fast. It’s also thought reach well. Adding a very long bowsprit, makes her an amazing machine well compromised to sail both down and upwind.

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