Delivery 1st Mate: San Remo to Tenerife – Y7 Y-YACHTS Michael Schmidt Yachtbau

It was my second occasion to assist in a long-distance delivery on “Volante” Y7 Y-YACHTS by Michael Schmidt Yachtbau.

Lightweight carbon-fiber hull equipped with Code Zero and a huge mainsail, allows to sail already in very light winds. Feels great to smoothly move forward at 8 knots, when the others have to still use engines to move forward.

This modern sailing yacht is literally packed with the latest technology and smart solutions. It’s a real toy and so much fun, but requires from the skipper not only feeling for sailing but also a technical orientation. Once you get it, it takes minimal crew and hardly any effort to hoist and trim the sails or manouvre in the harbour. Hydraulic lifting keel system reduces the draft from 3,7m to 2,7m, allowing to enter many otherwise unaccessible marinas.

1600 nm was a pleasure again, the minimalistic but warm interior is very comfortable. Y7 by Y-YACHTS of Michael Schmidt Yachtbau is  a splendid boat. Feels like a floating luxury apartment that efficiently sail anywhere you want.

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