Delivery Skipper: Attacked by orcas: Tenerife to Barbate, Oceanis 43

900 NM: Tenerife – Madeira – Barbate

This was a memorable trip. While motoring slowly into the Straits if Gibraltar the boat was attacked by the infamous family of orcas. Despite advise from the local authorities to switch everything off and wait, the creatures stayed around the boat and kept hitting the rudder. We received a damage to structural holding of the rudder stork and got a little water intake. The boat wouldn’t steer so there was no choice than ask for rescue.

Now I have leanred the unoficial but effective way of scaring them away. The best tactic seems to be run full power on reverse gear. I assume orcas would get hurt by propeller while attempting to attack the rudder, so being very smart animals, they normally give up in such circumstances.

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