Refit & Delivery – Wales to Spain: ‘Out of The Blue’ Huzar 30

2000 NM – Skipper
30 feet – Finkeel Cruiser
Port Dinorwic (North Wales, UK) – Torrevieja (SE Spain)

It was a whole project: deep technical check, under waterline check and maintenance, basic hull polish, safety equipment refit and check, steering wheel cords replacement, rigging check, replacing halyards and adding topping lift through the mast, sail examining, basically preparing the boat for offshore passage and cruising together with few minor repairs. Boat hasn’t been sailing in a few years time waiting in the marina for better days. It was quite modern construction but never really went for a proper sail I suppose. Sea-trials, autopilot and compass calibrations, little issues developing on the way were a great practical time for me and Mahoney – my first mate and basically only crew on the trip. The owners have hopped on board to cross the English Channel with us realizing at the same time that long distance style of sailing is not what they are looking for with their boat.
Great time with my excellent crew, crossing many infamous waters of western Europe like Irish Sea, English Channel, Bay of Biscay or Strait of Gibraltar, beautiful variety of weather conditions and little adventures. I am very happy that we could help Sue – the owner of ‘Out Of The Blue’ – make her dream come true and get her beautiful boat back on the sea, down south, to where she can start to learn the ropes with a bit more joy than in the rainy waters Wales and Irish Sea.

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