Miracles of Fiberglass: The Dragon Ship

Denia, Valencia, Spain. A nobody’s land just on the end of the northern pier of the harbour. This where I’ve encountered The Dragon Ship couple years ago after a delivery job…

I’ve found out later from a couple friends that the ship was once floating and was equipped with a set of funny rig. My friend has once briefly met the captain, artist and creator of this ship. The old British man is said to have been looking for a woman to join him onboard…

Nowadays I am not certain if the boat is still on it’s place or have been cleared of the beach. It must have been 2015 when I saw it.

Here are some photos of this funny but impressive piece or art and a boat. It must have been an extremely hard work to create the deck and cabin. Even though it was not very strong and not even close to good finish, I fully respect the boatbuilder for the determination and following his dreams.

If anybody knows anything more about this story please let me know :)

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