Delivery 1st Mate: Golf Juan (S.France) to Tenerife – Y7 Y-YACHTS Michael Schmidt Yachtbau

Yacht Delivery Sailing on Y-Yachts Y7 for the first time! What a Christmas time!

My dear friends working as the fixed crew on the boat have offered me to assist them on this important delivery. I have learned the ropes, or even better say: I have learned the buttons!

SY Volante is a high-tech, brand new 70 feet carbon fiber Y7 from Y-YACHTS build by Michael Schmidt Yachtbau.

The latest technology, even though designed to make our life easier, sometimes would give us a headache instead. It’s another way, the next level of skippering. This future of sailing requires very broad experience with the modern boats design. Complex electronic, electric, hydraulic and many other types of systems.

It was a great trip! More please! 1600nm of fast and beautiful sailing! We started with a storm on the Golf de Leon, by choice and decision of the captain. Sailing through this little but violent weather system was the only way to avoid series of storms further on. Big low has been approaching all the way through the Mediterranean. Captain’s decision was very good and we made it to the South of Spain before a huge system approached European waters.

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